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Nathan Davies

FAQs Answered

I primarily build, repair and upgrade Windows PC's from £30-£50 plus parts (if required). Everyone gets a fair price per job. I also provide websites for a great price. 


I do not repair or upgrade:

X Apple Products

X Tv's

X Tablets

X Mobile phones

X USB's or External Hard Drives. I recommend

# Repairs to Windows XP / Vista (see below).

Please note I do not sell products nor own a shop. This way I can preserve great services and pricing. 

If you would like a PC build, please provide a budget in your message. £350 is the starting price for a reliable fast PC. Most parts are next-day delivery. Deposit is 25% to start the ordering process, and built when you have payed the full amount.

My appointments availability is weekday evenings and all weekends. Please arrange in advance.

# Repairs to Windows XP and Windows Vista is not recommended as they are not supported by any Antivirus or security. Contact us for a PC upgrade.

I am Ageas insured for all types of computer repair work within your home.

Covering: Halton, Warrington, St Helens, West Cheshire, Chester and Deeside.

(£10 extra outside Halton).

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Accepting Major Cards, PayPal, Cash and Bank Transfer also accepted

Please note, PC Tech Guru is a Mobile PC repair for Windows computers

and does not sell parts or services for Apple products, tv's, tablets or phones. 


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