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Nathan Davies

FAQs Answered

I primarily build, repair and upgrade Windows PC's from £30-£50 plus parts (if required). Everyone gets a fair price per job. I also provide websites for a great price. 


I do not repair or upgrade:

X Apple Products

X Tv's

X Tablets

X Mobile phones

X USB's or External Hard Drives. I recommend

# Repairs to Windows XP / Vista (see below).

Please note I do not sell products nor own a shop. This way I can preserve great services and pricing. 

If you would like a PC build, please provide a budget in your message. £350 is the starting price for a reliable fast PC. Most parts are next-day delivery. Deposit is 25% to start the ordering process, and built when you have payed the full amount.

My appointments availability is weekday evenings and all weekends. Please arrange in advance.

# Repairs to Windows XP and Windows Vista is not recommended as they are not supported by any Antivirus or security. Contact us for a PC upgrade.

I am Ageas insured for all types of computer repair work within your home.

Covering: Halton, Warrington, St Helens, West Cheshire, Chester and Deeside.

(£10 extra outside Halton).

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Note: During Covid Lockdowns of Tier3 and Tier4 in Halton, PC Tech Guru will not be providing services or monitoring emails during these times. 
Accepting Major Cards, PayPal, Cash and Bank Transfer also accepted

Please note, PC Tech Guru is a Mobile PC repair for Windows computers

and does not sell parts or services for Apple products, tv's, tablets or phones. 


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