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Frequently asked questions

Costs And Availability

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. I intend to give you the cost (or at least an estimate if parts are required) before or at the appointment. If parts are required you will be given the decision whether to go ahead with the fix and pay accordingly.

Will it cost more if PC Tech Guru comes back to finish the job?

On the rare occurance this happens, the customer does not have to pay any more, only for required parts. Depending on location, I do not ask for extra call-out charges for the same job or charge hourly time-based nonsense.

How much does it cost for your services?

£40-£50 labour generally covers all of my services (without parts) depending on your device's circumstances and location. You are welcome to query pricing when contacting me.

Do you have any offers?

Occasionally there will be an offer. Please keep a lookout for the offers on our Facebook page. Choose your service and enter your details. Nothing to pay until the end of your service appointment.

What does 'Pay At Appointment' mean when booking our services online?

When booking an appointment online you may see 'Pay at appointment' on some services. This is because Card is not the only way to pay for PC Tech Guru services. There is cash as well which cannot be exchanged online, so to simplify things, all payments are required at the end of your service appointment. You don't need to pay upfront for services before you have received them.

How does PC Tech Guru manage to keep the prices down?

I just don't believe in overcharging. Some technicians charge as much as £60 even before doing anything, and some even charge per hour which could cost even more. From customer feedback, these technicians are clearly doing the rounds in the North West. That and pretending parts need replacing when they don't need to be, has been commonplace for years. PC Tech Guru makes replacing a part the last resort, staying professional providing services at your location and our home-office. Without overheads such as a shop, My services mean costs are low for everyone involved.

Does it cost more if PC Tech Guru visits my location?

No, I do not charge call-out fees for my services. Just one price for labour, and parts if required.

When is PC Tech Guru Available?

Evenings on weekdays, and flexible on Saturdays. When booking an appointment you are able to see available dates and times

Where is the phone number?

PC Tech Guru has provided services for over 5 years. And the service times have always been evenings and weekends. Therefore during the daytimes I have made several contact options available including through Facebook and Messenger, Google, Email and throughout this site.

The PC Tech Guru Logo

What is the story behind the logo?

The logo is in fact not new. It's a caricature, from an image made for my Game review site Gamebytes.biz. The image was purely to demonstrate ownership. All the game reviewers on my page have their own character and If you look closely you can see part of the Gamebytes logo on the t-shirt. I don't actually have a hat as shown, but it makes the image more complete.

Can You Fix This?

How about Tablets & Mobiles?

I do not provide physical mobile/tablet repairs that requires opening the device to fix a screen, case, buttons etc.

I understand tablets and mobiles are one of the most prominent personal items, so I'm planning to adapt it to my services at some point.

How about Websites?

Bespoke Websites are now available! I am currently creating an affordable pay-monthly/yearly system with plenty of choice so that we can keep your website up and running and make those vital changes.

Do you fix/recover USB Flash Drives and External Hard Drives?

Unfortunately it isn't a service I provide. However I am happy to take a look at it on one of my computers at my Home-office, if you would like peace of mind and a chance at recovery. It is worth noting that Drives don't last forever (give or take a few years of regular use). They are not something that are widely fixable either, they are sealed for a reason.. to stop tampering and reduce damage. If the device is visibly broken or not recognised on a PC it may either missing a vital file which cannot be recovered, or has been a power surge which shares the same fate. Some more positive outcome, it could also be 'having a mad moment', dislike your computers setup, or just needs the driver. The only safe way to store Documents and Pictures under most circumstances is on the cloud, don't be afraid of it, its very easy to use. Through various platforms such as Dropbox and OneDrive where all your files uploaded are accessible by all your phones, tablets, laptops etc. Its highly recommended to upload/sync your most important files at least, as an extra form of protection if your drive stops working.


What happens after my appointment?

On the completion of a service to you, you will receive an official fridge magnet and leaflet (when available). If you had an appointment recently and require more help, please book the 'About a PC recently serviced' service detailing your further issues.

About spam email, post and calls.

I understand that unsolicited mail and calls you get from certain businesses can be irritating, (Believe me I get my fair share too).

In all due respect for all my customers, I refrain from doing such things. I do not ask for customers emails (unless required), and other than the receipt and summary letter, nothing else gets sent to you. I do not need any of your personal information for marketing purposes.

Can I review PC Tech Guru online?

Certainly, just head to the homepage and at the bottom there is a Review section with the ability to add your review. I would be really happy that you stopped by! Plus you can also find PC Tech Guru on...

Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/thepctechguru/)

Yell: (https://www.yell.com/biz/pc-tech-guru-runcorn-8529926/)

What if the problem comes back after the appointment?

I would be happy to come back within 14 days, to try something different to resolve the problem with your PC for no extra cost. Please book the 'About a PC recently serviced' service detailing your further issues.


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