Congratulations, payment is complete.

The next step towards your new PC is beginning...

  • Notification of your purchase will now be sent to PC Tech Guru, confirming your purchase so he can now get the parts required (if payment has gone through successfully without dispute from PayPal/Klarna or your bank). It is possible that it can take longer than 2 hours for PayPal/Klarna payments to go through. 

  • For your own piece of mind, A PayPal/Klarna purchase email should have been sent to your email address to which you currently have your PayPal/Klarna account registered to.


Whats next?

You can expect to be contacted by PC Tech Guru within the next 3 days, when the PC has been built and ready to organise delivery and setup, or to update you on the status of your order.

If you have any further queries about your purchase, please write them below and PC Tech Guru shall be notified. If it is questions you have, please note PC Tech Guru will be able to answer them after 5pm on weekdays.

Full terms, conditions and rights are found here.

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