This page is intended to give my customers of the Halton and surrounding area another option to make a full payment or a deposit towards their new PC. It can also be used to purchase more parts.

Please click the link below to be sent to PayPal to pay the deposit or Pay in full.

25% Deposit (or a negotiated deposit)

The deposit is 25% of your Total cost or a lump sum that can be negotiated with PC Tech Guru. This gets the ball rolling and parts will be ordered. 25% deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind because costs and insurance occur when purchasing products. The deposit is secondly non-refundable when the PC has already been built, which is then too late to return items to the supplier.

More terms, conditions and rights are found here and below.


  • Sending money with the PayPal method incurs a 3% handling fee on your Total payment for PC Tech Guru. (£3 for every £100 sent). Please add this amount when paying.

  • Although this is the super easy way to pay, if you have access to online banking which have no charges under certain circumstances, then you may prefer to do a bank transfer instead.


To protect you further, payments are not made on this site. All PayPal payments are made within the secure environment where the payment is processed by PayPal then sent to Use the PayPal Checkout (Donate) button above to begin.