(Halton & Cheshire Residents only)

Thank you for taking interest at the Personal Site Package.

Everything you need to know about this bespoke package is listed below.​

Come tell us what you need. When you are building the site with us, there are 100s of Features to add-on:**

Form builders, Social Media, Blogs, Live Chat, Music, Video, Travel, and more.**


Important key points to the Personal Site Package...

You must...

  • Be over the age of 16.

  • Have occupancy within Cheshire or Halton.

  • Meet to discuss the content with PC Tech Guru at your location or our business location.

  • Understand that PC Tech Guru will not make websites based on weapons, inciting violence, child abuse, politics or terrorism. It is at your own risk if you wish to make such edits.

  • Once the site goes Live, you can take full control of your website from editing to billing.

  • Some apps are free and others are pay-monthly. You can choose when to start/end them.

  • There is a small Wix charge which must be maintained on a monthly/yearly basis. The first year is provided in the price. 

  • All websites are backed up regularly, and once requested then any current versions are deleted automatically.

  • All new websites need time to mature on search engines. PC Tech Guru can provide you options to climb to the top quicker. 

  • Refunds on packages are none refundable once the site is deemed complete and Live. Refunds will also mean the site is removed.

  • Understand that Adult rated; Betting; Gambling; Music and Lotteries all require licenses by UK law. It is illegal to publish a site without one.

  • By using Wix to preview or make edits means you abide by terms and conditions.

  • Accept these Key points and all Terms and conditions related to the Packages and Websites set out in PC Tech Guru Terms. 

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Is this the package you would like?


Perfect for a biography or blog

+ Complimentary Home visit to discuss your requirements.
+ No Ads on your website.
+ 3GB of storage. For your images and documents, mp3s and videos.
+ Page Transitions and Animations are included where you require them.
+ 2GB Bandwidth is adequate. (More media and images requires more bandwidth).
+ Customised Favicon and Logo. Favicon is the tiny icon on the website tabs.
+ A free 1-year domain of your choice* -With a suffix of .com,, .biz, .org, .net, .info.*
+ £50 of free Google advertising when you spend the first £25 on Google Ads.
+ HTML5, Java, and Flash from external sites welcome on your website.
+ Premium Phone/Email support 12 hours a day for advice and website changes.
Your website fees are paid for 1 year!
Website upkeep afterwards is as little as £5 p/m paid monthly or yearly for this package.
No ties or contract - you are in full control of what to add or remove, once the site is built.
+ Lead time to build only 1 week depending on content and how fast we receive it from you.
- This package is optimised as a basic personal site package and not for showcasing Media or Business uses as it does not provide the tools required. Though can be used by not-for-profit organisations.
Build Price:

£ 299