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Everything you need to know about Remote PC Repair, the fastest service I offer for Virus and Malware removal.

No installation No fuss with AnyDesk software, rated as the fastest Remote PC software in the world!

What is Remote PC Repair?

PC Remote Repair is renowned to be a quick and easy way of troubleshooting PC's from a distance. A type of distant computer repair to cleanse everything from malicious viruses and malware to PC errors. Whether it be AnyDesk, Teamviewer, Remotepc, and others provide a secure way of letting the technician control your PC from the technicians location via the internet.. whilst you can view the live progress on your PC at home. To do this, you share your ID number that's on your screen with the technician. This info is shown to you when your Remote PC software is run on your computer.


Is it secure to be remotely connecting to another PC?

There is no denying its stigma that in rare cases your PC could be hacked from unknown sources by using remote software. This could be because of a bad choice in remote PC software, unsecured connection or spyware. PcTechGuru only use the best-rated software available that protects you from the nasties. Above all, when your PC is in the hands of others, you would expect them to do you a great service and that's why we run through everything I do on your pc with you in real time, and you will always have the option to take control or cancel the session at any point.


What do we use for Remote repair and why?

We use AnyDesk. Perhaps you've heard of it before? AnyDesk is one of the fastest and easiest Remote PC software in the world! The ease of use and security of this software is some of the best in the industry and were impressed how simple it is to run.  

But why use Remote PC software? It's simply because some PC problems don't always have to be solved with a Home-visit, so this method saves you time and money.


How can I setup AnyDesk ready for my appointment?

In just 3 clicks you have AnyDesk installed and running on your PC. Here's what to do...

1. Go to

2. AnyDesk.exe will start downloading in the bottom bar of your screen and should download instantly.

4. No installation required.  Just click on the AnyDesk.exe application or 'Run' on the bottom bar of your screen.

5. AnyDesk shows up with an ID number you can give to PC Tech Guru.


Notice: If you have followed the steps above and still unable to download/run AnyDesk. Please contact me and I will run you through the steps. I also offer a Local Home-visit service across Halton.


What happens if the viruses come back?

Don't worry, when you have paid for our Remote Virus Removal service or the Home-visit Virus Removal service, you get 30days free aftercare to contact us and I shall get on the case as soon as possible. You are required to run AnyDesk again at your appointment so I can log in to remove the viruses.




I hope you will be impressed by our Remote PC service offered by PcTechGuru.

Remember I offer this Remote PC service to all UK residents with an internet connection.

Please feel free install and keep AnyDesk on your PC. It is very handy when you need help fast!


If you have a virus or malware on your PC, don't ignore it because it could get worse. Click Here to make an appointment.

If you have PC errors of any kind, this is a sign that your PC is telling you something is wrong. 

Please contact me with any questions. You can do this by calling or through the Live Support options to Chat, SMS or Email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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