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Services Not Yet Available:

# Internal Printer Repairs

# Data Recovery*

# Internal Mobile/Tablet Repairs*

# Micro-soldering components on motherboards

# TV/Monitor Repairs

# USB Storage Drive Repairs*

# Apple products repairs (eg. broken screen or charger)

*Please see our 'Can You Fix It' section in our FAQ for more info.

What can PC Tech Guru do for you?


Here are the services I can provide for you at flexible times and affordable prices: 


PC Virus/Malware Removal, Repairs and Upgrading Services

 + Exterminate Viruses and install affordable Anti-virus solutions.

 + Remove annoying Pop-ups and other Malware. 

 + Slow PCs and slow start-ups.

 + BIOS Updates for Motherboards. i.e Ryzen 2nd Gen, Intel 4th gen.

 + Remove Blue/Black error screens of death (BSODs).

 + New Hardware installations and upgrades. CPU, RAM, Motherboards, Fan, GFX etc.*

 + Updating your Drivers with the latest Driver software.

 + Reinstalling or Upgrading Windows operating system.

 + Audio problems.

 + Start-up / Shut-down problems.

 + Power supply problems.

 + Damaged Laptop screen replacements.

 + PC Backup and Restore, Windows issues, Safe file transfers and MORE!



Device Installation Services

 + Issues with installing Printers, Speakers, Mouse, Keyboard, Microphone, Webcam, Network cards,  etc.

Website Design

+ Bespoke Website packages for personal and business use. Click here


WiFi Setup Services

 + Setup of your new/existing WiFi.

 + Installing/Configuring of additional WiFi routers in your home.

 + WiFi constantly disconnecting and MORE!

Website on Laptop

Interactive websites that shout WOW!

Promote your Event, Blog, Business or Shop online with PC Tech Guru' s Website design packages starting at just £299. Click here.


I use special software and techniques to rid your PC of nasties and running smooth and stable again. Call 01928 240560 for an appointment today.



PC Tech Guru can fix/upgrade your RAM, CPU, Storage, Fans, Graphics and more.

Call 01928 240560 for an appointment today.


Accepting Major Cards, PayPal, Cash and Bank Transfer also accepted

Please note, PC Tech Guru is a Mobile PC repair for Windows computers

and does not sell parts or services for Apple products, tv's, tablets or phones. 


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