PC Tech Guru Terms and Conditions


Revised: 19th January 2021

Effective date: 19th January, 2021

Reason:  Covid updates





'you', 'your' = The client/customer

'we', 'us' 'our' 'I' (used throughout pctechguru.co.uk and terms) = Nathan or PC Tech Guru

'PC' (used throughout pctechguru.co.uk and terms) = The clients Personal desktop computer or Laptop or Notebook

'location' = The residence or address from the clients booked appointment

'this' 'it' = refers to the section (part) title

1. Appointment Bookings: Appointments can be booked by phone or contacting us via our Guru Support which includes Chat, SMS and Email when available. You have the right to re-schedule or cancel your appointment up to 2 hours before your appointment time after which time PC Tech Guru then reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule clients appointments respectively.


1a Any appointments booked by clients will be re-scheduled at any time in the following circumstances:

1a(i) Your payment is still in the process of clearing when your appointment begins. 

1a(ii) Unforeseen Unavailability of PC Tech Guru;

1b Any appointments booked by clients will be cancelled at any time in the following circumstances: 

1b(i) The client's location given to us through a booked appointment does not exist; 

1b(ii) Unauthorised payments rejected; 

1b(iii) Failure of notifying us 2 hours before your appointment time of your absence at the specified location. 

1c If we have to cancel your appointment of any of our services we provide due to you being absent without notifying us, you will only receive a refund in this instance if you have paid for a service which requires you to pay in full prior to the completion of booking the appointment, such as the Remote PC service. This is in addition to part 9 of our terms.


2. Remote Pc Repair service: PC Tech Guru occasionally offers a Remote PC Repair service. This service is not suitable for where a re-installation of Windows is required. We offer this service mainly to cover the UK with ease and remove any travel charges that would normally be incurred. To be eligible for this service you must do the following:

2(a) Own a working internet connection.

2(b) Have started or installed the AnyDesk software (click here to see how)

2(c) Be present with your PC at your appointment. If you are not present, PC Tech Guru can not access your PC to attempt repair and thus you will be contacted. If unresolved you will receive a full refund. 

2(d) Be willing to interact with PC Tech Guru throughout your appointment as information or access may be required by text or voice to complete the repair.

2(e) Have paid the full amount for the service online with PayPal prior.

2(f) Verbally confirm you are legally a UK Resident living within the UK. We are not covered to work outside the UK.

This service includes PC Tech Guru shield (a free 30-day virus guarantee), see 'Your Rights and Guarantees' below.

3. Hardware Upgrading service and estimates: PC Tech Guru will always provide you with free estimates for purchasing new hardware and installing the new hardware on your PC. (via email or verbally over the phone or support). Once the estimate for service costs in addition to any hardware costs are approved by you, PC Tech Guru will proceed to schedule a repair/upgrade at our business address or at your location at the costs discussed. This is not a final agreement as there may be extra costs incurred by more expensive or alternative products if the product in question cannot be sourced, you will be notified and the final cost will be adjusted accordingly.


3a If you choose a service which requires you to be at your location, then you must be at the location of your PC at the beginning of your appointment. If you fail to become available at the beginning of your appointment time, we will try to contact you. This statement is in addition to part 9 of our terms and 'Your Rights and Guarantees' section. You accept that although we have an estimated time of completion on our site, the time it takes to complete an upgrade could be a few days depending on the parts/software required. We do not stock any Hardware or equipment. The Hardware Upgrading service provided by us is only available to residents living in our coverage area only.


3b PC Tech Guru does not provide 'drop-off services' or similar services at PC Tech Guru's location.


4. WiFi Setup service: PC Tech Guru offers a WiFi Setup service for the price set on our website (pctechguru.co.uk) or an amount set at your PC appointment. You must be present at your WiFi Setup appointment. If you are not present then PC Tech Guru can not begin the Wifi service, and thus you will be contacted to reschedule or cancel your appointment. If unresolved or we are unable to contact you, we presume you don't wish to continue to receive our services. You must be willing to interact with PC Tech Guru throughout your appointment as information or access may be required by text or voice to continue the repair. You accept that although we have an estimated time of completion on our site, the time it takes to complete setup or maintenance on your WiFi equipment could be a few days depending on the parts/software required. We do not stock any hardware or equipment. The WiFi Setup service provided by us is only available to residents living in our coverage area only.


5. Peripheral Devices service: PC Tech Guru offers a PC Peripheral devices solutions service for the price set on our website (pctechguru.co.uk) or an amount set at your PC appointment. The client will be charged the amount on completion of the service appointment. You must be present at your Peripherals appointment for us to access your PC. If you are not present then PC Tech Guru can neither resolve your Peripherals problem nor access your PC to attempt connection configuration and thus you will be contacted to reschedule or cancel your appointment. If unresolved or we are unable to contact the client, we presume you don't wish to continue our services. You must be willing to interact with PC Tech Guru throughout your appointment as information or access may be required by text or voice to continue the repair. You accept that although we have an estimated time of completion on our site, the time it takes to complete this service could be a few days depending on the parts/software required. We do not stock any Hardware, Peripherals or equipment. The Peripherals service provided by us is only available to residents living in our coverage area only.

6. Website Package Terms PC Tech Guru offers Website Packages for the Price as set out on our website.

6(a). You will be charged the package amount through valid Debit card (at your appointment or online), or cash if you accept to continue after the home page has been created -see 6(b). Credit card is not accepted for website packages, however can be accepted for Wix website plan provided by Wix, which can be managed yourself at a later time.

6(b). You do not need to pay on your first design appointment. PC Tech Guru will work with you to design a website that you are happy with. PC Tech Guru operates a 'try before you buy' meaning with some business details given, a completed draft Home Page will be presented before you pay. 

6(c). Payments are non-refundable after the website has been deemed complete by the customer and has gone Live. In the unlikely event there is an ongoing major outage at the first week of your site going Live, we shall give a 15% refund on the package price.

6(d). Backups of your website are made regularly, however PC Tech Guru advises not to rely on backups when mistakes are made, and instead use it in extreme circumstances when you would like to go back to your roots and redesign the site. There is an undo button in the top menu.

6(e). Website package prices are one-per-website. If you would like more, then you will pay the price as set on the package.

6(f). You must be willing to interact with PC Tech Guru throughout the design stage. PC Tech Guru will give up to 3 months from the date of your fist design appointment if you need some time to prepare. Any draft websites are deleted after 3 months.

6(g). Requesting small changes to your site are usually done the same day. However PC Tech Guru is a one-man-band, so please allow some time for your request to be fulfilled.

6(h). All calls to PC Tech Guru are recorded to validate your details, appointment times, addresses, and design changes.

6(i). All forms of gambling, adult rated and streaming sites require a licence and are subject to copyright. Infringing these terms is punishable by UK law. PC Tech Guru will play their part in filtering illegal content and design content without licence, but will not be held responsible for customers editing or requests of such content when the site has gone Live. When Live, The website in concern will be at the customers risk. 

6(j). Failing to keep your website paid for each month/year with Wix will return your site to a Free version with adverts. Some content may be lost. Unless you do not require it, it is not advisable to cancel payments.

6(k). 'Live' means that the customer has deemed the website complete and PC Tech Guru has handed a set of controls over to the customer, and connected the domain so that the website is on pubic view.

6(l). PC Tech Guru covers your website up to 5 apps, 1 domain and a Wix website plan for 1 year. A 1 time only payment towards your website. Customers will be notified by Wix if there is any payments such as apps, domain or Wix plan, that are not linked the customers bank account or will be ending, and if the customer does not take action then the website will be affected and the named products will return to free versions. PC Tech Guru may be able to help recover lost content, but will not be held responsible for the neglect of website upkeep.

6(m). PC Tech Guru Shield gives the customer 3 months of aftercare from the time their website goes Live, to ensure the website is looking good and customers are looked after. After which it is £20 per edit, which can be paid for securely online. Its advised for customers to make any simpler edits as much as possible using the easy to use Wix site editor.

6(n). You are free to customise and edit as you wish once your site goes Live. The site is 100% your own. But If you would like help in upgrading your site, for example if you had a business package but really wanted an online store built for you, you would pay the difference between the business package and business and ecommerce package which is currently £100. This is to be paid before the upgrade begins through debit card or cash only.

7. Extra Services Provided during an appointment: PC Tech Guru will do their best to provide you with extra services you require but unfortunately due to time restrictions we cannot guarantee to provide you with other services that are not part of the service you requested us to undertake primarily. We may have to offer you a separate appointment. Whether or not we can offer you extra services at the time of your current appointment, these extra services may incur extra service charges at the discretion of PC Tech Guru. PC Tech Guru will require payment when the service is completed by PayPal Here using a valid credit/debit card  or Cash. 


8. Payment: PC Tech Guru reserves the right to request payment in full from the client prior to an appointment. The full payment is authorized by Paypal or Square and its ability for the client to pay via valid Credit or Debit card for the full amount. 


9. Accepted Forms of Payment: Payment for service(s) will be authorized by PayPal by using a valid credit card, debit card or using your PayPal account to pay in full prior to a remote PC repair session. Cash in person is also an accepted method of payment for Drop-off and At-Home visit services. Payments with our 'PayPal Here' Card reader is an accepted method of payment however we cannot guarantee its availability. Invoices are to be paid on our website (www.pctechguru.co.uk) via PayPal. Payments must be made in full with a PC Tech Guru accepted payment method. PC Tech Guru does not accept Cheques, apple pay, google wallet, part-payments. Any other form of payment not listed here is also not accepted. PC Tech Guru reserves the right to refuse providing a service(s) without the clients cleared payment.


10. Refunds: Refunds where applicable are set out in our services terms (part 2-6 of our terms) above, and where applicable in 'Your Rights and Guarantees' section below. Refunds of any kind can be reduced by PC Tech Guru's travel expenses as set out in part 3. Your receipt is required by PC Tech Guru as proof of providing a service to you when issuing refunds. PC Tech Guru will reject the request for a refund if the request is made after 72 hours of installing your hardware, or we reasonably believe that the refund request is abusive or unnecessary. (see our 72-hour guarantee on all repairs section)


11. Time to complete repair(s): You may be relieved to know that PC Tech Guru does not charge time-based rates. Although PC Tech Guru will make every attempt to complete all repairs in a timely manner, troubleshooting issues in all our services provided may be a time-consuming process, and even though with the exception of all services other than Hardware Upgrade service where you will be charged a flat rate for the Hardware Upgrade service along with the full costs of the parts/software required, there are no added time costs in our services. If PC Tech Guru is requested or required to conduct further research on a specific issue in order to complete the repair, you will not be billed for this additional research time. Times given for services on PC Tech Guru's website (www.pctechguru.co.uk) may not be exact and just an estimation only.


12. Additional assistance and recommendations: PC Tech Guru reserves the right to recommend another computer repair service or company if the troubleshooting requires the assistance of another computer repair service or company to assist with the completion of the repair. You can optionally contract with the other computer repair service or company separately. You may be billed separately by the other computer repair service or company. PC Tech Guru will not be held responsible for the repairs performed by the other computer repair service or company.


13. Software used during repair(s): PC Tech Guru may install any program(s) required to assist with the troubleshooting or repair of your computer. We understand some programs do not work well on all computer systems, and at the time of your appointment, all can seem well when installing them. But if PC Tech Guru installs a program for you and there is a problem with it, PC Tech Guru will uninstall it at no additional charge, if it is a virus then through PC Tech Guru Shield as explained below in more detail you have 30 days to approach us about the problem from when you purchased our Virus Removal service, or a problematic driver software installed (during our Hardware, Peripheral Devices or Consoles service) then you have 72 hours to contact us about the problem. Again more information is in the 'Your Rights and Guarantees' section below.


14. Loss of data: You certify that you will indemnify and hold harmless PC Tech Guru for any and all data or software that may be lost or erased, as we would have informed you prior about this, as well as any consequence of the erasure or loss of that data or software. Although PC Tech Guru will take every precaution to preserve all data and software on the computer, you acknowledge that before we have performed an action on any device, occasionally erasure or loss of data or software can occur and the operating system may be un-useable.

15. Backup prior to repair(s): Due to the requirements of all services we offer, it is strongly recommended that you backup your data and documents prior to the repair. Due to data protection PC Tech Guru does not – and- will not back up your computer’s private data or documents on servers, computers, or any electronic devices without your written permission.


16. Virus Removal: Whilst we do everything we can to provide you with safe, affordable or even free software, you also certify that you will indemnify and hold harmless and will pay for added support to PC Tech Guru for any software repairs and software necessary after a virus has been detected and removed off a computer. Viruses in a computer can cause many problems, if you have purchased a service not inclusive of aftercare then you will need to purchase a virus removal service.


17. Confidentiality Agreement: Any private information stored on your computer or viewed by a PC technician at PC Tech Guru will be held confidential unless required by law. Any private or personal information provided to PC Tech Guru will be kept confidential. PC Tech Guru reserves the right to request additional information from you if we feel that sufficient information is not given to provide the service you require. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

18. PC Tech Store: PC Tech Guru and PC Tech Store is one business. Any parts/software that the customer would like ordered, whether ordered personally through contact or through PC Tech Store site adheres to the PC Tech store terms and conditions.

#All payments must be in full prior to ordering any parts#.


Your Rights and Guarantees

PC Tech Guru Xtra (1 Year PC service protection): PC Tech Guru offers this service inclusive of PC builds with new parts. Considering that the PC location is within the PC Tech Guru service area, PC Tech Guru is obliged to come out to sort out any issues with the PC named on your invoice. PC Tech Guru Xtra does not cover parts/software. If customers would like a further 1-year service protection, this costs just £85 made payable to PC Tech Guru. Xtra is subject to availability. Xtra can be used up to 5 times per year which is signed for at each appointment. Any moderation's or customisation's to the PC listed on your invoice during the period of Xtra, this may void your entitlement at the discretion of PC Tech Guru. It is advised to seek technician advice before installing parts/software yourself.

PC Tech Guru Shield (30 Day PC health protection): PC Tech Guru has a free 14-day aftercare on all our services, except Hardware upgrades or repairs. 30 days are also given with Second-hand PC refurbishments. We call this PC Tech Guru Shield. If within 30 days since your service appointment or invoice date, you suspect there is an instance returning where your device isn't running as normal, please contact PC Tech Guru immediately.

If after your Shield protection is depleted and you have a problem with your device, PC Tech Guru will decide on the best level of support for you at an agreed price. There is no guarantee or warranty that a virus will never get through any product either purchased by PC Tech Guru or any other brand you buy online or off the shelf. No PC Tech Guru Shield deal is valid when mentioning the deal code after your service appointment. PC Tech Guru Shield is not a guarantee for any replacement part or system that has failed. Please see '72-hour guarantee on all repairs' below.

PC Installations at your location:
It is legal that I let my buying customer know, that you are presented with a Part-Payment Contract at your location before the installation begins. In turn, signing the contract means that you have understood that the contract not only to cover PC Tech Guru but yourself. If an installation does not go to plan or you are not finding that the the job was unsatisfactory for any reason, you have the right to pursue this issue how you wish, however please contact PC Tech Guru so I can help get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Some parts/software including name and address may have already been filled out for you so please check this.

Breaches of this contract are possible whether you sign the contract or not so please read these terms carefully. When all signatures required scribe both pages appropriately, the installation will go ahead. Our Signatures also confirm that all the products are as described in the contract are delivered safe, and boxes are not opened without permission, or damaged.

72-hour guarantee on all repairs and Installations: If you believe that PC Tech Guru was unable to solve your problem or find faulty the work that we have done on your device, you may contact PC Tech Guru to discuss the issue. For refunds please see part 9 of our terms. We will partially refund fees provided PC Tech Guru receives your request within 72 hours after the completion of any deficient technical services. PC Tech Guru also provides up to 72-hours (3 business days) of no charge phone and remote support after each repair. After 72 hours, your new hardware installed by PC Tech Guru has (but not guaranteed to have) 12-24 months warranty to which the client can return the product to the manufacturer of the hardware in question.

No-Fix No-Fee: If a successful repair is not possible or you are not happy with the services provided by PC Tech Guru, and no other possible solution can be agreed between the client and PC Tech Guru, costs paid by the client shall be refunded based on the service in question's terms and conditions above. Hardware already installed by PC Tech Guru in your PC is exempt from the No-Fix-No-Fee unless the supplier allows returns of Hardware in question. Additionally, we have no control over our suppliers returns policy. You will be warned in writing if the product we are purchasing for your PC can not be returned prior to us purchasing it and will ask for your acceptance. If you have purchased the hardware yourself with or without our recommendation, then you are solely responsible for the delivery/return of the hardware.


PC Tech Guru may occasionally modify these terms and conditions. If we make changes to these terms and conditions, we’ll notify you about any changes by updating the 'Last Updated' and 'Effective Date' as shown above.  New versions of the terms and conditions will never apply retroactively so this is how we show you the exact date they go into effect. If you keep using PC Tech Guru’s services or our website (http://www.pctechguru.co.uk) after a change, that means you accept the new terms.

By having your booked appointment cancelled by you or PC Tech Guru removes your right to the terms and conditions you originally accepted.


Contacting Us:
If there are any questions regarding these terms and conditions you may contact us using the information below.

Email: enquiries@pctechguru.co.uk


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