I have several ways for you to pay for our services to provide you the element of choice.


As you book an appointment with PC Tech Guru, you may be given payment options. 

To pay by PayPal, or to pay In-Person. Some service appointments let you choose one or both depending on the service you chose. Lets look more into detail of these payment options...



Pay Online By PayPal

Pay with PayPal: You can pay through your PayPal account at your appointment by logging into www.paypal.co.uk.

PayPal is one of the largest secure online payment systems in the world which secures and encrypts the pages throughout the site. Payment must be made during your appointment.

Receipts/Invoices are by request only.*


Pay at your appointment with your Credit Debit Card

Pay by Credit/Debit Card: I do utilise a card machine at appointments. 

PayPal Here: A service which lets you pay for your services using a valid credit/debit card to hand, Contactless payments, or even Apple/Android Pay.

Receipts/Invoices are by request only.*


Pay By Cash
Bank Transfer

Pay By Cash In Person: You can pay by cash in full when the service is complete. If you require a receipt after your appointment, please let me know.*

Pay By Bank Transfer: You can pay by a bank transfer in full when the service is complete. This is possible if you have internet banking, and the service must be paid for at the time of your appointment.

If you require a receipt after your appointment, please let me know.*

Payments not accepted

Payments not yet accepted:

# Cheque

# Part-payments

# Solo, Delta cards.

*Valid Receipts/Invoices are available upon request. All of our services come with aftercare so please keep hold of receipts/invoices as proof. Receipts are issued when you have made a full payment of the total amount set out by PC Tech Guru. If further services are required or Hardware/software we purchased for installation on your PC with your permission, then you are expected to pay for them when the service is completed. When the full payments are made for required products and/or services, then you will recieve further reciepts respectively plus any guarantees owed to you.

Further appointments may be required. Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.


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